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Risk is often a necessary part of any entrepreneur’s plans.

Every company, large and small, has unique risks. Some have employees who operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles while on the job, while others serve food and alcohol or handle toxic substances. Doctors and hospital staff handle patients, body fluids, sharp needles and equipment.

Some employees handle sensitive documents, data, or money, potentially opening the door to business fraud. For this reason, every company needs commercial insurance coverage specifically matched to the risks of the enterprise.

Determining your risks and making sure you have the right commercial insurance in place requires an evaluation of a wide range of factors.

To assess your business insurance needs, start by contacting a Cole & Durham agent. We will work with you to fully address every aspect of your business coverage and help to ensure that you don’t have gaps that could leave your business vulnerable to financial risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need Workman's Comp insurance?

    Workman’s Comp Insurance is one of the few small business insurance policies regulated at the state level. Though where you live determines your insurance obligations, most states require employers to carry the coverage as soon as they hire their first employee. Your agent can help you determine your state’s requirements.

  • What if I don't have small business insurance?

    Though you may not experience a loss or lawsuit as soon as you open your doors for business, the reality is that you don’t know what the future holds. A devastating accident or disaster may be years down the road or just a day away. Also, most states require small businesses to carry certain types of coverage. Your agent can help you choose a coverage plan that suits both your requirements and your budget.