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We understand that the elements are beyond the control of the farmer.

Operating a farm takes many hours and a major financial commitment – it’s a lifestyle, not just a job. Natural disasters, crop failure and sick livestock can all threaten your livelihood. The key to a successful farming venture is identifying risks and planning for the worst case scenario with a well drawn out risk management plan and sufficient insurance coverage.

You can use best practices, hire the right workers, and buy the safest equipment possible, but accidents will still happen. Do you have enough property and liability insurance if your barn roof collapses? What about disability insurance for workers who might get injured on a combine – do you know what resources you have to get this coverage at a low cost?

Insuring your crops is also crucial if you’re a crop farmer, because a bad year could bankrupt you without the proper insurance. Your Cole & Durham agent can help customize a coverage plan specific to your needs so you can focus on your farm and rest insured.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does crop insurance cover crops in the event of natural disasters?

    Producers who purchased crop insurance are covered for all natural causes of loss listed in their policies. Your agent is happy to explain your crop coverage in full detail at any time.

  • Do I really need crop insurance?

    Crop insurance equals risk management. Producers should consider how a policy will work in conjunction with their other risk management strategies to ensure the best possible outcome each crop year. Your agent will work with you to develop a strong risk management strategy that includes the right crop insurance coverage for your needs.